Racial Justice and Healing


Demands for racial justice at last have come front and center in the streets as millions protest the live-video deaths of African Americans at the hands of the police. Three great plagues today—a viral pandemic, an economic implosion, and unjust law enforcement—reveal and sharpen the plight of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC). Our government must respond to bring about racial justice and healing across our country.



Notably absent from the original Constitution of the United States were freedoms and rights accorded to anyone but White males, including women and those enslaved. African Americans were counted as three-fifths of a citizen to tilt congressional representation in favor of slave states. This inequality among all to favor a few has continued to infect the full range of American institutions.  Now we must acknowledge it, reckon with it, and resolve it justly.  



  • The median net worth of White households is about 10 times the median net worth of Black households. White= $171,000/Black=$17,600


  • The median income for Black households is a little less than 60% of that of White households. White =$71,000/Black=$41,000


  • About six-in-ten Americans (58%) say race relations in the U.S. are generally bad, report Pew Polls. More than four-in-ten (45%) say it is now more acceptable for people to express racist or racially insensitive views.

  • Black people make up a larger share of US Covid-19 deaths. Blacks comprise 13% of population and represent 23% of Covid-19 deaths.


  • About 17% of the Black people who died as a result of harm from police were unarmed, a larger share than any other racial group and about 1.3 times more than the average of 13%.


  • In 2019, 54% of those who died as a result of harm from police and whose race was identified were people of color – including Asian, Black, Hispanic, Native American and Pacific Islander individuals – compared to 50% in 2014.



The 5th District will partner with the United Way of Greater Atlanta in administering the United for Racial Equity and Healing Fund to back organizations dedicated to tackling the key causes of systemic racism in neighborhoods where most residents are Black and people of color.

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